Episode 8:
Venetia David | Go Inside of Yourself

Venetia David
My guest in this episode is Venetia David.
After 10 years in corporate marketing, sales and communication, Venetia found Alternatives after reading a book called Conversations with God in 2007.  
Having met some of the volunteers at an event she became part of the event team a few years later, then Head of Marketing and now she runs Alternatives with her co-director Richard. She has expanded the programs offered at Alternatives to include international retreats, an event at The Royal Albert Hall, and the online digital events platform.  
She would describe herself as the ‘quintessential spiritual seeker’.
In this interview, Venetia discusses her life journey: how she lost friends, despaired, and then came back up stronger than ever. She talks about spirituality, mindset and individuals who helped her along the way.
She is a firm believer in uniting as one to build each other. Among her greatest reflections is spirituality being embedded in everything we do.
Venetia is a bold, passionate, open minded and caring individual. She wants to help people grow and become their best.
You can connect with Venetia on Instagram: @venetiadavid or @alternativesorg.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How a single book convinced her to change her mindset and compelled her into a healthier life
  • What motivated her to pursue Spirituality
  • How she deals with other people’s resistance
  • What made her decide to life on her terms
  • Why it’s never too late to pursue what makes you genuinely happy
Books mentioned in this episode:
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