Episode 2:
Dionne Zara | Having a Heart for Relationships

Dionne Zara
My next guest is Dionne Zara.
Dionne is the Founder of Love Learns.
After a failed relationship Dionne wanted to understand more about relationships and learn to grow relationally.
Learning is one of Dionne’s passions and she understands learning isn’t binary so has used multiple platforms to share her findings, these include audio and visual Podcasts and Courses. Dionne’s mission is to learn to be and appreciate who you are as a person. Dionne uses her counselling skills to help people recognise the truth about themselves and celebrate themselves. We are all individuals on this earth trying to figure life out so why don’t we all share what we know to help each other grow.
In this interview, Dionne discusses her “purpose for love” and having a “heart for relationships”. She talks about how her parents’ relationship influenced her own relationships growing up and what she learnt from it.
As her knowledge on relationships has grown, Dionne has seen herself become more open and vulnerable, learning to ask for help more from her ‘tribe’.
Dionne also lives with lupus – an autoimmune disease – which has been incredibly challenging, yet she chooses to see it as an opportunity for growth instead of an obstacle to be stuck in.
Dionne’s two biggest resources are her faith and family.
Connect with Dionne on Instagram, Facebook and  YouTube.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How Dionne is using her passion for relationships to help others
  • What she has learnt from being more open and practicing vulnerability
  • Why she sees her health challenges with lupus as an opportunity rather than an obstacle
  • How embracing her community led to a transformative experience
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