Episode 9:
Hazel Griffin | Doing Your Work

Hazel Griffin
Hazel Griffin has worked at TfL for 8 years, moving from an operational role within Passenger Data to her current position of Service Delivery Manager at Victoria Coach Station.
Hazel has a passion for creating positive change by fostering meaningful relationships with her team that centre on open and honest communication, people development and creative problem-solving.
In her free time Hazel loves to travel, listen to live music and spend time customising her 600cc motorbike. As a creative person, she loves to learn new things experientially and hone her musical talent as a bass guitar player, music producer and singer songwriter.
In this interview, Hazel talks about how she has been given great opportunities in her career by building good relationships and having a great work ethic. She is willing to go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to get to where she wants to be.  If this means doing work experience in her own time, then so be it. While she values her time off, she also understands the value of self-development.
Hazel also believes in the power of mentorship, and seeks out good advice and guidance.
She always starts her day with gratitude and is motivated by her passions. 
After a failed relationship, she realised that she is the prize and needs to take care of herself first in order to be able to take care of others.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How building good relationships and having a great work ethic has helped her progress in her career
  • Why her family and friends are her best resources
  • How her job roles have facilitated her passions outside of work
  • How she has learnt to become more discerning of relationships
  • Why being late is her greatest fear
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