Featured Live Events

Through our events we aim to  create a community of empowered women living their best life with
clarity and purpose.

Stuck to Unstoppable

Stuck To Unstoppable is a 1.5-hour virtual seminar where you get clear on your blocks. You will gain clarity on what’s been holding you back from making a change. 
You will be inspired to
become the best version of yourself as you break through the blocks that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from reaching your potential.

Time to Shine

Time To Shine is a one-day workshop focusing on your Purpose, Power and Potential.  You will uncover your limiting beliefs and identify ways to build confidence. You will also identify your key skills and talents and how to use them practically to create an action plan to achieve your dreams and goals.

NL Elite

NL Elite is a 2.5-day immersive retreat and mastermind event where we focus on discovering how you can be Your Best Self. You will learn how to positively influence your environment and create win-win relationships, making your community of like-minded women even stronger.  You will move from your comfort zone and breakthrough into your strength zone creating a Personal Blueprint for how to be Your Best Self.

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