Next Level

Hi! I’m Yaa, the “Meant for More” Mindset Mentor.  

As a Peak-Performance Coach and Lifestyle Architect, I help Professional Women who are ready to reach their next level eliminate negative self-talk and breakthrough what’s been holding them back so they can reach clarity, confidence and prosperity in their career and lifestyle.

I created Next Level Coaching with one main purpose in mind – to help professional women uncover their Purpose, reclaim their Power and reach their Potential.

I want everyone who comes into contact with us to know change is possible, that they are not alone and there is an alternative way forward because when you change your mind, it will change your life.

I know from working with women for over 10 years, the number one thing that stops us from making a change and finding happiness in our lives – the happiness we deserve – is our mindset. But when you change your mind, it will change your life.

Let me show you how! 

10 Reasons to Change Your Mind:


  1. no longer worrying about what people think.

  2. putting yourself forward for that promotion with confidence and getting the job.

  3. starting the business, you’ve always wanted, but never had the courage to.

  4. going to sleep at night with no more negative self-talk and chatter in your head that makes you feel that you’re not good enough.

  5. trusting your instincts and no longer feeling uncertain to take the next step.

  6. having the clarity and confidence to take control of your life.

  7. living the life that you’ve always wanted to live and loving your lifestyle.

  8. having a mindset that allows you to think outside of the box and beyond.

  9. finally breaking through the thing that’s been holding you back from living your best life.

  10. being able to tap into your Creativity and designing your Successful Future.

So, if you’re a professional woman looking to uncover your Purpose, reclaim your Power and reach your Potential
Next Level Coaching has been designed for you.

“A very practical course that enhances the hidden potential with specific emphasis on women. It requires participants to question their reasoning behind their career progression and life choices.”
“I did not know what to expect.
All I knew was that I needed some confidence and motivation back. And the [Time to Shine] course did exactly that!"

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