Episode 9:
Hazel Griffin | Doing Your Work

Hazel Griffin has worked at TfL for 8 years, moving from an operational role within Passenger Data to her current position of Service Delivery Manager at Victoria Coach Station.  Hazel has a passion for creating positive change by fostering meaningful relationships with her team that centre on open and honest communication, people development and creative…

Episode 8:
Venetia David | Go Inside of Yourself

My guest in this episode is Venetia David. After 10 years in corporate marketing, sales and communication, Venetia found Alternatives after reading a book called Conversations with God in 2007.   Having met some of the volunteers at an event she became part of the event team a few years later, then Head of Marketing and…

Episode 7:
Imogen Thompson | Taking Advantages of Your Opportunities

My guest on this episode is Imogen Thompson. Imogen is an experienced town planner and strategist, offering director-level leadership for large-scale regeneration schemes and transport infrastructure projects. She has worked on projects across Canada, the UK, and Europe, including some of Vancouver’s and London’s largest regeneration schemes.  As part of her professional skillset, Imogen believes that…

Episode 5:
Jacqueline Sims | Be Practical and Believe in Yourself

My guest on this episode is Jacqueline Sims. Jackie launched a small consulting practice with her partner in 2019, with the purpose of helping Clients put customers truly at the heart of their business and define customer contact strategies that improve customer experience and efficiency. Jackie has also worked in the media and publishing sector in senior…

Episode 4:
Grace Asante-Ntoni | Being Persistent and Consistent

My guest on this episode is Grace Asante-Ntoni. Grace is a Professional Property Investor and Property Investment Strategist to busy professionals. Professionally trained in property investing, and development, by one of the UK’s leading Property Training Schools, she is a charismatic negotiator, and project manager.  She particularly has a passion to help busy professional women invest…

Episode 3:
Solace Sowah | Being On Time and On Track

My guest on this episode is Solace Sowah. At the age of 22, Solace is on her way to becoming a chartered surveyor by 24. She says: “After leaving sixth form, I strongly believed that the traditional route of university was not my only option, so I decided to do a degree apprenticeship. I am currently working…

Episode 2:
Dionne Zara | Having a Heart for Relationships

My next guest is Dionne Zara. Dionne is the Founder of Love Learns.After a failed relationship Dionne wanted to understand more about relationships and learn to grow relationally. Learning is one of Dionne’s passions and she understands learning isn’t binary so has used multiple platforms to share her findings, these include audio and visual Podcasts and Courses….

Episode 1:
Harriet Glen | Leaving a Lasting Legacy

My first guest is Harriet Glen. Harriet began her career in transport in 2013 after completing a Geography degree at Durham University and gaining an MSc in Transport Planning at UCL. After a successful stint working across various departments at Transport for London, Harriet progressed into a leadership role driving the completion of Europe’s largest infrastructure project,…