Episode 6:
Joanna Darko | Creating Great Networks

Joanna Darko
My guest on this episode is Joanna Darko.
Joanna runs Sought & Styled Interior Solutions. She says “You could describe me as a ‘Jack of all trades’ in the sense of the full quote, so I can help you with one thing for your interior, such as a bespoke item from my shop (made by me) or I can help you design the whole thing! I love interiors and creating, alongside reusing and repurposing wherever possible.”
In this interview, Joanna talks about the different career paths she has taken to get to where she is today. After graduating from university, she idealistically believed she would get her dream job and live in the heart of London similar to the ladies from the rom-com Sex and the City. Instead she returned to her parents’ home and got a temp job. She went on to have a career in training and events .
Around 2015, she took the leap to work for herself as a Virtual Assistant (VA).
However, Joanna has always had a real passion for interior designing. In the last 18 months, she took another courageous leap to pursue her passion and launch her company Sought & Styled Interior Solutions. She enjoys trying new things that excites her and believes that there are no limits.
Building new connections and networking are very important to Joanna, both personally and professionally. She believes you can learn so much from people just by talking to them. She also loves to help others.
You can connect with Joanna on Instagram.
You don’t want to miss:
  • Why being of service to others – both personally and professionally – is so important to her
  • How networking has helped to grow her business
  • How she uses her fear and excitement to push herself forward
  • How she has gone from being a perfectionist to now knowing ‘done is better than perfect
  • Why she has chosen to be more visible with her business
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