Episode 16:
Mel Larsen | The Power of Generosity

Mel Larsen
Mel Larsen is an internationally in-demand small business coach with a proven track record of helping her clients get amazing results.She coaches women entrepreneurs to finally trust their BIG vision and joyfully grow the business of their ultimate dreams. She’s delivered coaching, training, public speaking and consulting across the world including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Greece, Scandinavia and South Africa.
As a passionate active local contributor, Mel has founded 3 community-led festivals in Streatham (London): the Streatham Arts Festival, the Streatham Food Festival and the Little Big Peace Event. She was also Director of the Streatham Business Awards for three years. All these festivals have now been handed over to new leaders and continue to flourish over a decade later.
In this interview, we get to know Mel, a woman who radiates positivity and has a heart for generosity. She believes that being generous is a new way to grow your business and there is a total joy in giving.
Mel talks about her early days when she first started out and, how working in the arts, in marketing and on her own personal development led her to becoming a great coach. 
Today, she feels inspired and excited to be a business coach and still enjoys the challenge it brings.
Mel believes “no matter how insignificant, how afraid, and how under confident we feel when starting out, it has nothing to do with what we’re capable of”. She knows there is fear every time you go to the next level. It’s never going to be comfortable, but you’re not going to grow if you don’t push yourself.
Mel sees potential in everyone, she sees the star in each one of us and she would love to help us solve our puzzles.
You can connect with Mel at www.dreamprojectcoach.com.
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You don’t want to miss:
  • What led Mel to being a coach
  • What her Big Dream is
  • How she went to the next level so she can help others do the same
  • What made decide to walk on fire
  • What are her 3 Ps
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