Episode 13:
Lauren Johnican | Knowing What You Want

Lauren Johnican
Lauren Johnican is a Health, Fitness and Life Coach and Owner of SteelRose Performance. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, NASM nutrition coach, and NLP Practitioner.
Additionally, she’s a military and commercial pilot. Lauren helps career women regain their energy and balance life’s demands while building resilient and healthy bodies. 
In this interview, Lauren discusses the importance of intention, self-awareness and discipline. Lauren doesn’t believe you should just  blindly follow other people’s advice, you need to also listen to your body and trust your intuition.
She says that you should always be asking yourself “what do I want?”.
There was a point in her life where she lived to the ‘extreme’. This led to sleep deprivation which almost caused the end of her career as a pilot.
After careful thought, Lauren realised the importance of health and balance which also includes socialising and maintaining great relationships with friends and family.
You can connect with Lauren on Instagram, LinkedIn. and visit her website: steelroseperformance.com to sign up for health tips and her Flip the Script blog.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How her fitness journey began
  • How she has learnt to get comfortable with change
  • Her ADMIRE SELF Coaching Method
  • Why is it important to be self-aware
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