Episode 5:
Jacqueline Sims | Be Practical and Believe in Yourself

Jacqueline Sims
My guest on this episode is Jacqueline Sims.
Jackie launched a small consulting practice with her partner in 2019, with the purpose of helping Clients put customers truly at the heart of their business and define customer contact strategies that improve customer experience and efficiency.
Jackie has also worked in the media and publishing sector in senior HR roles with Newsquest Media Group  and Auto Trader.
In her spare time, Jackie runs marathons and ultra-marathons including the London and New York marathons, enjoys sea-based activities, and is writing her first novel.
In this interview, Jackie talks about the tough start she had in her career after the unexpected passing of her brother. However, after getting hired as a secretary, she exceeded expectations and went on to run the first HR function for Auto Trader and become HR Director of Autotrader.co.uk.
Her independence, self-belief, confidence and desire to contribute inspire her to push for more. Jackie believes that very few things are insurmountable and thinks practically about fear by breaking it down and taking things one step at a time.
She readily leans on her support networks and asks for help when she needs it.
Jackie believes we are only here now so we should spend every minute being the best version of ourselves.
You can connect with Jackie on LinkedIn.
You don’t want to miss:
  • Why people and relationships are so important to her
  • How her independence, self-belief, confidence and desire to contribute inspire her to push for more
  • How thinking practically helps her overcome fear
  • Why she is motivated by financial independence, excitement and passion
  • How she uses her past experience to help avoid future failures
Books mentioned in this episode:
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