Episode 1:
Harriet Glen | Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Harriet Glen
My first guest is Harriet Glen.
Harriet began her career in transport in 2013 after completing a Geography degree at Durham University and gaining an MSc in Transport Planning at UCL.
After a successful stint working across various departments at Transport for London, Harriet progressed into a leadership role driving the completion of Europe’s largest infrastructure project, Crossrail. In Summer 2021, Harriet took on a new leadership challenge in New Zealand where she now leads the delivery of strategic transport schemes as a Programme Director at Auckland Transport.
Harriet is passionate about driving diversity within the transport industry. She was elected as Chair of Transport for London’s Women’s Network Group from 2016-2018; and won the EveryWoman ‘Industry Champion’ Award in 2018 and the ‘Rising Star Award’ in 2020 for her dedicated leadership promoting and retaining women in the transport industry.
Harriet is also passionate about mentoring others and has served as an advisory member of The Girl’s Network, a charity that supports mentorship and advancement of young women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
In this interview, Harriet shares her experience as a woman in senior leadership within the Transport industry and the challenges she has overcome along the way.  We discuss how having a strong network has helped her to take risks and push herself further.
She is a “progress junkie” who has learned to take in both the good and the bad, and learn from them to build her “resilience reserves”.
She also reflects on the importance of being in-tune with yourself, following your instincts and speaking your dreams into reality.
Harriet wants to leave a lasting legacy by using her powers for good and helping others reach their potential.
You can connect with Harriet on LinkedIn.
You don’t want to miss:
  • Harriet’s experience as a woman in senior leadership
  • How having strong networks has helped her to level up
  • The importance of having great ‘resilience reserves’
  • The importance having balance and make time for yourself
  • Why she wants to leave a “lasting legacy”.
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