How to With Negative People in Your Life

We have all come across negative people and let’s be honest, the worst kind are the ones we just can’t get away from.
In most scenarios, we can choose to spend as little time as we like around negative people. However, there are  those who aren’t so easy to escape.

You know that family member who feels the need to share their unwarranted opinions ? or that work colleague who’s always complaining or giving you reasons why an idea won’t work!

These people just seem to want to spread their misery and it can be annoying and emotionally draining. Life is challenging enough as it is without the constant reminder of how much worse things can be.

In the past I’ve tried a variety of things including ignoring/avoiding people; trying to kill the negativity with an abundance of kindness and; calling people out and confronting them.

Although these methods did have some success, you can only avoid or ignore people for so long, nobody can be cheery and smiley all the time. And confronting people, no matter how  honest the observation, may be taken as a personal attack and can cause an even bigger problem!

The best approach,  is to set clear boundaries and decide the types of relationships you want to have with the people around you.

Establishing boundaries means you decide how you deal with other people’s negative energy and how much you allow it to affect you. Having boundaries allows you to  create emotional space, respect and nurture yourself, and be “carefrontial”.

Setting boundaries may make you unpopular at first, but remember negative people have no problem sharing their misery with others. So the sooner they know where they stand  the better. Eventually they will become respectful of your position and are less likely to bother you with their negativity – it’s too much hassle for them.

I have yet to meet a negative person who is happy with their life, so imagine how  ridiculous it is to let someone  who is unhappy steal your light and joy?!
It can be extremely challenging not to let other people’s negativity get to you, but don’t let them steal your light.

You deserve to be happy even when other people choose to not to be.

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