Episode 4:
Grace Asante-Ntoni | Being Persistent and Consistent

Grace Asante Ntoni
My guest on this episode is Grace Asante-Ntoni.
Grace is a Professional Property Investor and Property Investment Strategist to busy professionals.
Professionally trained in property investing, and development, by one of the UK’s leading Property Training Schools, she is a charismatic negotiator, and project manager.  She particularly has a passion to help busy professional women invest in property for cash flow to enjoy now and to build a legacy for the future.
Grace is married to Leslie Asante-Ntoni, CTA ACCA and together, they have parents to three amazing boys currently aged 9, 6 and 3 years old.
In this interview, She discusses how she balances being a wife, mother and running a business. She talks about the importance of being focused and how it has helped her go to the next level.
Grace shares her heartfelt story and explains how staying true to the principles she lives by has helped her overcome challenges, become more resilient and not let others rain on her parade.
In spite of the obstacles she faces, Grace chooses to remain joyful and always focuses on the positives in her life because she knows she is “meant for more”.
Grace’s faith and family are very important to her and greatly influence the woman she is today.
You can connect with Grace on Instagram: @ntonipropertyinvestments or @grace_asantentoni.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How Grace knew she was ‘meant for more’ from the beginning of her career
  • Why focus and strategy are so important to Grace
  • Why it’s important to do your own due diligence
  • The lessons Grace has learnt from past challenges
  • Why her faith and family are so important to her
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