Episode 3:
Solace Sowah | Being On Time and On Track

Solace Sowah
My guest on this episode is Solace Sowah.
At the age of 22, Solace is on her way to becoming a chartered surveyor by 24.
She says: “After leaving sixth form, I strongly believed that the traditional route of university was not my only option, so I decided to do a degree apprenticeship. I am currently working full time, studying towards a BSc in Real Estate Management, working for the world’s largest Real Estate Advisors.”
In this interview, we discuss why being focused and intentional are so important to Solace staying on track with her goals.
Solace believes in the power of surrounding yourself with “quality” people and shares how having a network of older friends and family have provided nuggets of wisdom and guided her on her journey.
Using her faith as a measure of being congruent to ensure what she says and does match up, so she can stay focused on her ‘Why’ and achieve her Greatness.
She also talks about the importance of putting yourself first and why she prioritises her health and career equally. Solace also is breaking barriers by being the first Black woman to be enrolled in her apprenticeship scheme.
You can connect with Solace on LinkedIn.
You don’t want to miss:
  • Why her ‘Why’ is so important to her
  • Why Solace ensures both her career or health of equal importance to her
  • Why she believes in the power of her Greatness
  • Why it is so important that what she says matches up to what she does
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