5 Top Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health

How are you doing? I mean, how are you doing really?

I know how being in lockdown, especially this last one in the UK, affected my own mental health so I can only imagine how others have been affected too.

As Mental Health Awareness month comes to an end, I wanted to check in with you.

This month highlights the reality of living with mental health conditions and, different ways we can maintain better mental health and wellness.

Here are 5 tips Mental Health UK share for maintaining better mental health:

  • Connect
    Connection is all about relationships! Maintaining good relationships with yourself and others has been especially hard over the last 16 months with the lockdown restrictions.

    Take time to invest in relationships – new and old – and enrich your life with people that support you to be the best version of yourself

    And now, as restrictions are easing, we can start seeing each other in person again…YAY! 😊🙌

  • Be Active
    Being physically active or exercising regularly goes hand in hand with lower rates of depression and anxiety in all age groups. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to boost your wellness through activity.

    You can do anything from gardening to taking up a new dance class.
    The key is to make it fun because when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

  • Take Notice
    Being mindful – being present, being curious and noticing the beautiful – has been shown to be associated with a positive mental state.

    Reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you.

  • Keep Learning
    Learning something new helps to keep your brain healthy and is often exciting.

    Learning new things can also improve our confidence and widen your skillset. The challenge and sense of fulfilment of learning new things is second to none.

  • Give
    There are many ways you can give. This can be anything from a kind gesture, donating to charity or giving your time to others.

    Evidence suggests that showing goodwill and generosity to others promotes your own wellbeing too.

    It can be as simple as sending a message to a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them.

You and your mental health are important so make sure you are taking good care of yourself.



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