Episode 7:
Imogen Thompson | Taking Advantages of Your Opportunities

Imogen Thompson
My guest on this episode is Imogen Thompson.
Imogen is an experienced town planner and strategist, offering director-level leadership for large-scale regeneration schemes and transport infrastructure projects. She has worked on projects across Canada, the UK, and Europe, including some of Vancouver’s and London’s largest regeneration schemes.
As part of her professional skillset, Imogen believes that making spaces that meet the needs of existing and future communities is an essential component to city building, and she helps to achieve this through engagement and consultation with local communities from early doors.
Beyond her professional experience, Imogen is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, in particular advocating for gender equality in the workplace. She is a mentor to women in planning and business through various organisations, and is a STEM Ambassador for young girls in London.
Imogen’s industry experience has also garnered invitations to sit on multiple executive committees across Europe, including Urban Land Institute and Women in Planning, through which she raises awareness for industry best practice and diversity initiatives.
In this interview, Imogen shares how she has been flexible and taken advantage of opportunities in her career.
Moving to London from Canada showed her how facing her fears helped her grow as a person. It also helped her to overcome crippling anxiety and improved her mental health. As a result, she is better at her job, in her relationship and more self-aware.
Having overcome multiple personal challenges throughout her life, Imogen also champions open and honest conversations about mental health, personal expectation, and the importance of self-belief and self-confidence.
You can connect with Imogen on LinkedIn.
You don’t want to miss:
  • Why she sees fear and discomfort as learning opportunities
  • How her struggles with perfectionism have taught her to accept she’s ‘only human’
  • The importance of always seeking moments of fulfilment and joy
  • How she nearly failed her undergraduate degree because of her anxiety and depression
  • How to start building your own powerful support network
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