Episode 15:
Kassandra Bacon | Believing in Who You Are

Kassandra Bacon
Kassandra Bacon is a Vice President, Senior Product Manager at  Barclays Bank. Her passion for fitness and wellbeing has led her to a love of bodybuilding where she has achieved Pro status, competed internationally and she won Overall European Championship Female Pro in 2021.
Being also a two-time cancer survivor and a neuro-diverse individual with dyslexia, Kassandra “aspires to inspire”, showing others that they can achieve anything their set their heart on…they just need to believe in themselves!
In this interview, Kassandra talks about her bodybuilding career and, creating and maintaining a growth mindset. She also talks about how she has turned neurodiversity from being seen as a disability into a superpower.
According to Kassandra, she stays motivated by making discipline a habit. Being a cancer survivor, inspires Kassandra to keep going because she knows she has “made it through 100% of her bad days”.
She believes that in order to achieve your dreams and goals, you must break them down into smaller actions and take it one step at a time.
Kassandra isn’t afraid of failing. In fact, she welcomes it! She believes that if you are failing at something, it just means you are trying to do something you can’t do YET!
You can connect with Kassandra on Instagram.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How she achieved so much in her bodybuilding career in such a short amount of time
  • Her advice to others with neurodiversities on how to view it as a superpower
  • Who her greatest inspiration in life is
  • How she manages her goals, work, and bodybuilding all at the same time
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