Episode 11:
Monika Agoston | Getting to Know Yourself

Monika Agoston

Monika Agoston is the Founder of Egos Are So Yesterday, a cycling/sport & casual apparel & clothing business that encourages people to enjoy sport. Her apparel and designs reflect who she is and how much she enjoys being outdoors.

Monika wants to show people, especially women, that being active and doing sports has nothing to do with over-exerting or getting a ‘personal best’ every time you head out for a run or ride. She believes that people should exercise for enjoyment and what it provides us i.e. switching off, meditation, fresh air, improving brain function, giving you feel-good endorphins, and not to mention socialising.  Exercising should not only be for your physical but mental health too. Don’t move so you can burn the cake off, move and have the cake.

In this interview, Monika talks about her personal journey. She shares about losing old friends, and also finding new friends who understand, appreciate and embrace her personal growth and maturity. She talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with a support system of like-minded people who are also on their own personal development journeys.

Monika is courageous and bravely faces uncertainty everyday. She believes that you never regret trying something, but you will regret never trying it!  Although it is not always easy, Monika is now committed to her growth and development.

You can connect with Monika on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You don’t want to miss:
  • How she came up with the idea for her business
  • What motivated her and how she set her winning mindset in the Iron Man 2019 event
  • What kept her pushing forward despite knowing the road ahead is tough
  • How she deals with her frustration before and now
  • What does she think and how does she deal with failure
  • How she balances a full time job, a business and house work
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