Episode 10:
Barbara Imenšek | Knowing Your Worth

Barbara Imensek
Barbara Imenšek is a marketing specialist who has pivoted her expertise to LinkedIn and has helped thousands globally.
Her career journey started 24 years ago in customer service. She went on to  be an Assistant Marketing Manager for Eastern Europe and then International Account Director for the marketing agency, J. Walter Thompson.
Over the years, she worked has for and with the best companies and brands such as Unilever, Mazda, Bayer, Ferrero, Spar and Reckitt Benskiser, helping them to build strong brands, become market leaders and increase sales. Although Barbara loved what she was doing, it wasn’t fulfilling and suffering from burnout, she decided to take a long sabbatical and ended up unemployed.
In this interview, Barbara talks about being unemployed and broke. She felt lost. Although Barbra didn’t feel like getting another corporate job, she  knew social media was essential and believed that LinkedIn was important, but only for job searches. So she started updating and optimising her LinkedIn profile.
And then BAM! A whole new world of possibilities opened up to her and she started How To LinkedIn with Barbara. helping clients to tailor their LinkedIn profiles. With Barbara’s extensive background in marketing, research & development, and sales roles, she realised she had found a Holy Grail.
Barbara believes in power of giving and understands the more she give, the more she is rewarded with goodness.
You can connect with Barbara on LinkedIn.
You don’t want to miss:
  • How she got to where she is today
  • Why she decided to her change careers
  • What motivates her to help and give so freely to others
  • Why she is so grateful despite all the obstacles she has faced in her life
  • The resources and tool she used to shift her mindset to have a positive outlook despite her circumstances
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