How to be Supported When Building Confidence

According to Reach.coma confident person:

  • does what they believe is right, even if it’s unpopular
  • is willing to take risks
  • admits their mistakes and learns from them
  • is able to accept a compliment
  • is optimistic.

Many people are not naturally confident and suffer from a lack of self-confidence. This often comes from negative past experiences and not living in-line with our principles and values causing us to demean and devalue ourselves.

Here are 6 great ways to get help and support to build our confidence:

  • Get a mentor or coach…or both! 
    Mentors and coaches challenge, inspire and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves, overcoming any lack or limiting beliefs we see in ourselves. They provide us with tools, techniques and insights to help us we work on ourselves and gain self-awareness to build confidence.

  • Creating a positive support system.
    Having positive people around you makes all the difference in building self-confidence. They listen, offer great advice and keep us motivated. They also challenge and push us to be our very best, although you may not like it at the time.
    A  support system can be made up of our family, friends, mentors and teachers – anybody who has a positive influence in our lives. They have a big impact on how we feel, encouraging us to feel good about ourselves and be more confident.

  • Volunteering our time. 
    Helping and doing good for others creates a “feel-good” factor that gives us a confident boost. Focusing on how we can help others instead of all the things we are doing wrong or don’t have, allows us to see what we can do and are capable of when we are not putting ourselves down because we don’t feel we’re good enough.
    Volunteering also gives us time away from focusing on our problems to gain perspective on what we actually have and, despite our personal circumstances, how fortunate we are to be able to be charitable and giving to others.

  • Get a Role Model. 
    This is someone we admire and aspire to be like to help us become the best version of ourselves. It can be someone in our everyday life or someone famous. Think about: who inspires you and why; and what great things have they done.

  • Education is key. 
    There is an abundance of resources available to help build confidence including books, articles, YouTube videos and events. By using these resources, we learn and develop new tools and techniques to build our confidence.

  • Do what you Love. 
  • When we are doing what we love, it shows. Nothing stops us from doing it and we are more likely to come out of our comfort zone, even though it’s  scary because that’s how much we love it!
    By doing what we love, we hone our talents and skills, becoming more and more confident in what we do. And the best bit is that we inspire others by doing what we love. We lead by example and people look up to us thinking ‘if they can do it, so can I.’
    We now become the mentors, coaches and role models!

Becoming confident doesn’t just happen overnight. We have to like ourselves first, and accept our flaws, because that’s what makes us who we are.
It’s also essential that we are open and willing to accept help from ourselves for us to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

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